Grace in the Middle

Wendy’s book, Grace in the Middle, has been signed by Ambassador International Publishers for re-release in early summer 2015.

“For immediate release, January 2015 — Ambassador International is excited to announce that they will be publishing Grace In The Middle by Wendy Duke, summer 2015. While at the Allume Conference, Ambassador International COO Tim Lowry had the opportunity to meet Wendy and learn about Savannah’s story. Ambassador International is excited to work with Wendy and build on this great story to get the message out to readers.”
Wendy is thrilled and grateful to have this opportunity to distribute her family’s story to a broader audience.  “Our goal has always been to put this story into the hands of families and individuals in crisis who are struggling to deal with their own tragic circumstances. Our prayer is that, with the help of Ambassador International, we will have the opportunity to speak hope into the lives of more people. We just continue to walk through the doors God opens and to tell our story along the way. We are grateful for Ambassador International and their shared vision to share our message of hope.”
The book has been expanded to include bonus chapters, including a chapter written by the author’s daughter and subject of the story, Savannah.


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Interview on WYFF

Interview with local news channel WYFF.  Many thanks to news anchor Geoff Hart for his professionalism and courtesy.

Feature in SHATTERED  Magazine

“Grace In The Middle”—Wendy Duke’s Anything-But-Abortion Story

Grace In The Middle” is the story of how Scott and Wendy Duke were advised to have an abortion, but instead found God’s grace in the middle of everything.

Advised to Abort

“Start over.”

Abortion was the advice that dropped from the doctor’s mouth. The words crushed Wendy and Scott Duke when they were told the grim news: their precious baby girl likely had a chromosomal abnormality.

The ultrasound didn’t depict the typical healthy baby; something was wrong. Their unborn baby girl was missing a leg. Wendy and Scott were devastated, hoping for the tiniest glimmer of hope in that moment—grace in the middle of the bleak prognosis. But instead, they were encouraged to abort. Abortion, the doctor thought, was the easiest option.

The thought of cleaning the slate of a womb God himself filled after three miscarriages—to abort this baby, this gift from God—was unthinkable in Wendy and Scotts minds. The doctor told Wendy and Scott their baby girl would likely not survive the first week of life, and they should “seriously consider their options.” But Wendy and Scott insisted they wouldnot be having an abortion.

“This baby belongs to God and we are going to keep her,” declared Scott.

And taking that stand was only the beginning.


Reactions from Readers

  • I read this book in one evening. I could not put it down. Wendy Duke tells such a moving story of God’s grace in the middle of such an incredible trial. As a mother I could empathize with her story and as a believer I was challenged to put myself in her place and wonder at what my response to such a situation would be. Her raw honesty and wry humor are the perfect balance for a great read. If you are looking for something to challenge you, encourage you and inspire you – this is it.Heather Leathers, mother, pastor's wife, ministry leader in central Florida
  • Grace in the Middle has just ranked as one of my all-time favorite books–ever. You will laugh out loud and cry empathetic tears. But there’s a story within the story that every believer must tackle for the sake of their own faith: Surrender. “I want to know Him in the power of His resurrection, and in the fellowship of His sufferings” (Phil 3:10). The Holy Spirit willminister to you through Wendy’s “fellowship of His sufferings,” and if you’re willing…it will change your life!Rachel Carter, professional model, founder of Modeling Christ and author of Fashioned by Faith (Thomas Nelson, 2011)