Wendy has a love of the written word and has been writing since she won her first essay contest in the fourth grade. She earned a B.A in English from Converse College, taught high school English for five years and earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in the teaching of reading. “I feel like myself when I write. I’m naturally an introvert, so the words I write come from a deep place that I don’t tap into during my daily activities. I love the way using the right word makes a sentence sing, and  when someone responds to a blog with “OMG, me too! I didn’t know anyone else felt like this.” We can say things in print that we can’t get our mouths to speak. I also don’t have to worry about social awkwardness or weird facial expressions when I write—plus I get to use all those big words I learned in SAT Prep class.“

She wrote the first chapter of her first book as a graduate school class assignment. That chapter became twelve chapters and, after four years, became Wendy’s first book, The Grace by Which We Stand. She sold 1,000 copies at local events and has just released a second edition, revised and renamed Grace in the Middle in August 2014. She is currently working on a book chronicling their family’s journey and time spent coaching the Myanmar National Basketball Team. A second project about sexuality and Christianity is in the works.

Grace in the middle

Grace in the Middle

Grace in the Middle follows the author and her family through their newborn daughter’s battle with cancer and physical disabilities. In a candid account of her own struggle to hold onto faith, Wendy asks the hard questions about God. She shares the heartbreak of shattered dreams as well as the discovery of a God who doesn’t follow our rules.

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