Overseas Work

Wendy helps her husband direct a non-profit international sports organization whose mission is to use their backgrounds and expertise in sports to improve communities and build relationships in countries around the world. They both believe that sports helps develop leadership skills and confidence and is a universal language that breaks down barriers and unites people from different cultures. Wendy and her family have had the privilege to work in amazing places throughout the world and have forged friendships with people of various cultures, religions and languages. They’ve worked in Ghana, Malaysia, China, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Israel, the Maldives Islands, Nicaragua, and India. Most recently, her family spent three months living in Myanmar while training their Men’s National Basketball Team and coaching in the South East Asian Games.

Check out her blog posts about some of her experiences in Myanmar here:

Coaching Experience

WENDY DUKE has more than 20 years experience in coaching, team-building, and sports development. After playing basketball and running cross-country for four years at Converse College, Duke began her coaching career as Head Track and Varsity Basketball coach at Boiling Springs High School, and then as Head Girls Basketball Coach at JL Mann High from 1995-2003.  During that time, Duke was named Spartanburg County Track Coach of the Year and was twice voted Coach of the Year by the Greenville County Coaches’ Association. Duke coached high school basketball for ten years before she and her husband began working in international sports development through their non-profit, Vision Sports.

Duke’s expertise includes teaching developmental skills to players ranging from beginners to national team levels, incorporating sports-specific strength and conditioning work into regular workouts, and training coaches how to improve teamwork, work ethic and character in their players. Her desire is to build confidence, character and leadership in players so that they have the skills needed to become strong leaders in their communities.

“The best part of coaching for me is pouring my heart out into players, building relationships and earning the right to share my insight, my beliefs, my experiences, my faith… I have been blessed to make dear friends all over the world—all formed on a court or field through a game we both love.”

Duke has led coaching clinics and instructional camps in the US, Ghana, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Canada, and Brasil. She has also coached at numerous developmental camps including The University of Georgia, UNC Greensboro, Queens College, UNC Charlotte, and Converse College.

Her official coaching resume includes:

  • Boiling Springs High School
    Junior Varsity Basketball Coach
    & Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach 
    Head Girls Track Coach (1996-1998)
  • Spartanburg Methodist College
    Women’s Volleyball Coach (1997)
  • JL Mann High School
    Head Girls Track Coach (1999)
    Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach (1998-2003)
  • Greenville County Coaches Association Coach of the Year Award
    (2001 & 2003)
  • Spartanburg Christian Academy
    Assistant Basketball Coach (2005)
    Varsity Head Basketball Coach (2006)
  • 2012 Training of Myanmar Women’s National Basketball Team (June – August)
  • Myanmar Men’s National Basketball Team
    Assistant Coach (2013)


Wendy speaks to athletes of all levels, and has also had the opportunity to lead seminars and clinics for coaches and for parents of athletes.

To contact Wendy or her husband, Scott, about speaking to athletes, parents of athletes or coaches, visit our website at www.visionsports.com