Wendy’s eclectic experience in life and in ministry has given her a platform to encourage and challenge people of all ages and demographics. She has served on her church staff as the College & 20’s Director with her husband, lived and worked overseas, helped her husband run a non-profit ministry, leads a married couples’ Bible study class and is learning new lessons everyday as she raises her family. She has spoken to large and small audiences at numerous events over the last ten years including women’s events and conferences, university forums, high school and college campus events, churches, weekly Bible studies, fund-raisers and athletic training seminars. Her passions are teaching God’s Word, calling people to a life of purpose, using sports to change the world, and living a life that honors God and brings others to Him.  She also loves the rare opportunity to speak with her husband. Topics they’ve tag-teamed: dating “Do’s and Don’ts” for Christian college students, “being” the Church / living missional lives, the necessity of missions, equipping Believers to use their gifts for the Kingdom, living outside of comfort zones.

Wendy’s Disclaimers (or Things You Should Know Before You Book Me to Speak at Your Event):

  • I’ve lived my whole life in South Carolina–there are not enough years in a lifetime to rid me of the flat “i” sound or the usage of the word “y’all”.   Our words down here in the South drag like molasses, and every vowel has an extra syllable.  I. Cannot. Help. It.   So if you need somebody that sounds like an Ivy League professor, I am not your girl. I work hard to be clear, professional and an effective communicator, but I just cannot undo that Southern drawl.
  • I do not wear heels. Ever. I am almost six feet tall and have had back surgery from all the running and jumping on hardwood floors, so you can expect me to arrive in something a little less glamorous than stilettos.
  • I LOVE to speak life into people, especially women.  I used to feel guilty about this, knowing that public speaking is the number one fear for most people, but I believe that words have the power of life and death, and I have a responsibility to use the abilities God has given me for the good of others.
  • I talk a lot about Jesus and God’s Word, because those are the best things I know. But I also want to speak to issues that are important to people’s lives, so it’s my hope to intertwine them all.
  • I’m not interested in impressing an audience or being known as a great speaker.  My goal is that people will benefit from what comes out of my mouth…that they’re encouraged, inspired, or challenged; that they learned something new and leave with something practical that will help them in their everyday lives. And mostly, I just hope they see a glimpse of Jesus in me.

Just thought you should know. –WD

North Spartanburg VBS for Women

“Recognizing God’s Voice amid the Noise of Life”
(350+ women)

Summer Salad Series
Southside Methodist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Testimony / “Listening to God’s Voice”
(400 + women)

Girls Morning Out Conference, SC
“Breaking the Mold: making Biblical womanhood relevant in this generation (50+ women)

Women of the Well Conference, SC
Testimony and John 4
(300 + women)

Bethel Baptist Women’s Luncheon
Campobello, SC
“Celebrating Jesus in our Everyday Lives”

Riverview Baptist Annual Women’s Brunch
Reidville, SC

Ladies Global Impact Missions Brunch
Rocky Creek Baptist Church, Greenville, SC
(100 women) Testimony: “Holding on too Tightly”

Women’s Mission Night
Inman Mills Baptist Church, SC
Stories from the Field
(30+ women)

Mother/Daughter Dinner 
Spartanburg, SC
“Parenting Backwards: Lessons Learned from Working with College Girls”

“Sex on the Table”
USC Upstate, Spartanburg, SC
University women’s campus event on sexuality and Christianity

“Freshwater Girls”
USC Upstate, Spartanburg, SC
Weekly campus gathering


Wendy is passionate about building, equipping and encouraging the church and welcomes any opportunity to teach the Bible or speak about how God has and continues to work in her life.

First Baptist North Spartanburg
Spartanburg, SC
(1,000 + co-ed congregation)
Morning service message with husband: “Lessons for the Church from Myanmar”

Trinity Assembly of God
Columbia, SC
(800 +)
Morning service message: “The Voices in Your Head: Choosing Whose to Listen To”

Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church
Spartanburg, SC
Global Impact Conference Panel
Discussion on what daily missions looks like at home and abroad

FUSE: College & 20’s Worship Service
First Baptist North Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC
Multiple appearances speaking to a crowd of 50-150 students.

Wendy has a deep passion to encourage and challenge young men and women as the future leaders of The Church. She has had the opportunity to speak at numerous events and gatherings of between 20 and 200 students at campuses, including:

USC Upstate
Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Baptist Collegiate Ministry gatherings and events

USC Upstate
FCA and BCM Joint Meeting
Wendy and her husband, Scott,  presented a session on dating, The 5 Do’s & 5 Don’ts of Dating for Christians
(150 + students)

North Greenville University
Chapel Service

Anderson University FCA

Converse College BCM

Wofford College FCA

Spartanburg Methodist College BCM

FCA’s “Women in Sports” Event 2010
Spartanburg, SC

Riverside High School FCA

Boiling Springs High School FCA

Chapman High School FCA

Greer High School FCA

Landrum High School FCA

Wendy loves to help non-profits do their thing. She understands first-hand the difficulties of raising funds for non-profits, and has a passion to help encourage and empower people to do the most good in the world. She also understands that the job of the speaker is to highlight the ministry she’s speaking for, not herself.  Wendy is proud to have had the opportunity to speak up for:

OK, seriously...I couldn't NOT include this pic. I got to introduce Tim Tebow!!

OK, seriously…I couldn’t NOT include this pic. I got to introduce Tim Tebow!!

Hands of Hope for Life
Forest City, NC
Sanctity of Life testimony with daughter, Savannah

USC Upstate Students for Life Rally

Impact Sports Partnership Dinner
Spartanburg, SC
Introduction of keynote speaker, Tim Tebow

Relay for Life Rally
Oakland Elementary, Boiling Springs, SC
Cancer survivor testimony

What does Wendy speak about?

Here’s a description of the most-requested topics Wendy speaks about:

Turn the Page  Find the courage to keep going when circumstances are difficult. With honesty and hope, Wendy shares her personal story of having a child born with cancer and the amazing ways their family has seen God show up in their lives.  For women’s groups, young adults, co-ed groups.

Life On Mission    Feeling insignificant, without purpose, caught up in the rat race of American culture? Tired of scrolling through Pinterest and Facebook at all the cool things other people are doing with their lives? Maybe you’ve lost the vision of God’s dreams for you. Wendy shares her personal experience with her family’s calling to ministry, the incredible need for God’s people to be a light in the darkness, the miraculous ways God has worked in some of the darkest places of the world, and how we can fulfill God’s global purpose in our tiny little lives.
Applicable to any gender or age group.

If There were a Proverbs 32…
Ever feel overwhelmed or beaten down by the over-achievements of the noble woman in Proverbs 31? Seriously, when does that woman sleep? How can women realistically lead relevant lives in our culture while still modeling the Godly instruction for women provided by the Bible? Wendy explores some surprising character traits and actions of Godly women of the Bible, and helps women discover their potential role in this generation.
Geared for women’s events and groups.

Becoming Woman
A message to girls and young women, Wendy speaks to the myth that you can live recklessly now and then become a healthy, well-rounded woman later. Using stories from her work with college women, Wendy teaches how we are all becoming something right now—that our choices now will determine who we will be later. This message will inspire young women to sow well in order to reap well down the road, and encourages them not to forfeit the future God has planned for us with careless decisions and compromises that leave us broken and damaged. Wendy inspires young women to live Godly, passionate, adventurous lives now that will give God room to write our futures the way He’s always planned.

Women in Sports
The stereotypical picture of womanhood often leaves athletic women feeling out of place. But God has a purpose and plan for ALL of our gifts and lives. Girls who grow up playing competitive sports gain a multitude of benefits as well as the discipline and leadership to uniquely serve the church. As a collegiate athlete and long-time coach, Wendy discusses her life in sports and how God has allowed her to overcome stereotypes in athletics and use her experience in sports for His glory.
Geared towards athletes or parents of athletes.

Raising the Next Generation / Parenting Backwards: Learning from the Mistakes of Others
Through her five years of working with college women, Wendy has listened to countless young women pour their hearts out about their relationships with their mothers. Wendy shares with moms the five best and five worst parenting decisions she’s witnessed and how they can impact their daughters’ lives. *She can also include a segment for raising boys or both, depending on the audience. Her work with and continuing relationships with college students and young adults gives her access to their honest input. Says Wendy, “I’m pretty sure God allowed me to work with these guys and girls to teach me how to be a better parent, to learn from the successes and mistakes of others. These young friends have taught me how to mother well.”
Geared toward parents/moms.

Speaking Calendar



January 8  with daughter, Savannah, at SC Citizens for Life Fundraiser with Alan & Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Columbia, SC  7 p.m. http://www.sclife.org/ 

Pics from the night:                            Al’s Tweet                                   Instagram pics

January 9  with Savannah at Right to Life Silent March and Rally at the South Carolina Statehouse, Columbia, SC 11:30 a.m.

Pics from the day:

January 11  FCA Coaches’ Wives Dinner at Gardner-Webb University, NC 6 p.m.

January 22  Liberty University Convocation with daughter, Savannah  Lynchburg, VA 10:30 a.m.

January 22, Ladies “Snowed In” Winter Event  First North, Spartanburg SC 6 p.m. http://firstnorth.org/event/snowedin/ 

February 5  Women’s Event,  Fellowship Community Church, Salem, VA  www.fcclife.org

April 29-30  Passion4Moms Conference, Tysons, VA  http://www.passion4moms.org/

Passion4Moms Conference announces speaker Wendy Duke

May 22-26 International Sports Ministry Conference, Italy


2015 Schedule:

Nov 30, Interview on WGGS Nite Line with daughter, Savannah

See interview here:  WGGS interview with Wendy and Savannah Duke

Nov 13 “Celebration of Hospitality” Ladies Event, Roebuck Baptist, SC

Nov 12  Ladies Night, Boiling Springs FBC, SC

Oct 11  Fall Ladies Brunch, Church of the Cross, Bluffton SC

Oct 6  Cherokee Pregnancy Center Fundraising Banquet, Gaffney SC

Sep 25-26  Speaker / Teacher at Trinity Church Women’s Retreat, White Oak Conference Center, Columbia SC

Sep 12 Book Signing and presentation at Barnes & Noble, Greenville, SC

Sep 10 (this was one long, crazy day…):

  • Appearance with family on Studio 62, WSPA, Spartanburg SC
  • Live Interview with Savannah on American Family Radi0
  • Keynote speaker at “Women Encouraging Women,” Southside Baptist Church, Savannah, GA


Aug 28  Clinic speaker with Scott at Upward Sports RecSpo  www.recspo.com

Aug 16  morning services with husband, Scott, at Woods Chapel & Liberty Hill UMC, Greer, SC

July 21  FCA Volleyball Camp, Columbia International University

May 10, morning service at Hopepoint Community Church, Spartanburg, SC

April 24, Women’s Dinner, New Life Fellowship, Boiling Springs , SC


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  • Wendy Duke has the purest heart of anyone I have ever known. Her gift package is large and diverse and has been thoroughly tested “by fire” in the experiences God continues to entrust to her willing heart. She is a brilliant communicator with a love for God’s Word and a deep desire to speak His Truth. No one is more passionate for The Church today. Donna Ward, Director of Women’s Ministry, First Baptist North Spartanburg, SC
  • I have been very privileged to host Wendy Duke as a speaker for many events, conferences, and other engagements within my ministry. She has spoken to teenage girls, college and young adult women, and mothers as well. Wendy is extremely gifted in speaking; it is an obvious gift to anyone who is fortunate to hear her speak. She is passionate, engaging, and funny, and she communicates with great depth and discernment as well. The intimate knowledge and understanding she has of Scripture is conveyed as she speaks and inspires her audience. Wendy relates very well to teenage girls, young and older women, and also mothers. I’ve observed many times after Wendy speaks, she has a group of girls or women surrounding her to talk or ask questions. She always takes time for them and is always sincere in responding.

    I have also been privileged to hear Wendy speak many times over the years, most recently for a Women’s Event and a Girls Ministry Conference for teenage girls and their mothers. At both of these events, I was challenged, inspired, and encouraged. Whether she is speaking on a particular topic or a passage of Scripture, Wendy has a great ability to engage her audience in such meaningful and thought provoking ways. The stories and life experiences she shares while speaking truly impact the lives of others and leave a lasting impression.Amy Gray, Director of Girls’ Ministries, First Baptist North Spartanburg, SC

  • I have had the privilege of hearing Wendy speak many times. Whether she’s teaching the Bible or talking to an FCA group or speaking to a church congregation, one of her biggest passions in life is encouraging other people and this could not be more evident than when she speaks. I have been with her across the world and listened to her speak to people of entirely different backgrounds and belief systems. I have never heard someone speak with so much kindness and compassion yet keep everyone engaged.Ty Greene, Senior, University of South Carolina - Upstate/FCA student-leader and A-Sun All-Conference Men’s Basketball player
  • I would highly recommend Wendy Duke as a speaker for any organization. You can tell by the way she engages her listeners that she is well-prepared, caring and informative. She has an interesting and exciting way of getting her message across that inspires others.Jenny Taylor, FCA sponsor, teacher, Head Basketball Coach -
    Riverside High School, Greer, SC