The Women who Didn’t Get an Award Last Night

OK, I don’t usually write posts of this nature. I’m not a pop culture guru and usually leave the entertainment reviews to the Talk Shows…all 732 of them. But I noticed a few things during the Hollywood Foreign Press’s Golden Globe Awards Monday night that felt significant somehow, if you could see past the glitz and sparkle and ego. And I don’t think they’ll discuss these on The View. Plus, entertainment is a pretty telling reflection of culture, and if I have any ambition in this world, it’s to influence culture with the love and ways of Jesus, so I … Read More

How Not to Start Your Holiday Season

Thanks so much for the prayers and well wishes over the last few days. I’m alive and finally awake enough to respond to human communication. If you don’t live in my town or in my family or we’re not Facebook friends or you just have your own crazy life going on, you won’t know about the ridiculousness we’ve lived since Friday. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Started having pain and an upset stomach Friday night after eating pizza and a bunch of leftover Halloween candy. Was nauseated and sweating profusely, but chalked it up to bad nutritional choices. Pain persisted through … Read More

A Summertime Sweet-Read: ANCHORED by Kayla Aimee

I was strapped into the seat of an airplane, making my way across the Pacific ocean from Cambodia when the Korean Air flight attendant asked me again if I was alright. “Yes, yes, I’m fine,” I slobbered, graciously accepting the tissue she’d brought me for the third time.  I was reading Kayla Aimee’s Anchored and coming unhinged, bawling like a Soap Opera Star on a plane full of people who didn’t speak English and kept looking around at me like I was going to throw open the emergency door. “I’m just reading a sad story,” I explained to her. So she … Read More

Why This Book Is No Longer Available

I’ve had some queries lately from some folks who have tried to purchase or download a copy of my book, Grace in the Middle,  in the last few months and were informed it was no longer available.  And a few weeks ago, I got this screenshot in a text from a friend. So I guess it’s time to explain. I have some news. We’ve had some developments over the past six months or so that, frankly, I’ve been hesitant to share with anyone because, … well … it just sort of felt like bragging, which I loathe.  I’ve been so … Read More

NJ Family Planting Deep Roots in the South

New Jersey native Pete Gambino opened Monster Subs in Spartanburg in April 2013, a year after visiting one of their two sons at the University of South Carolina – Upstate.  Pete and his wife fell in love with the Spartanburg community (and the lower taxes), and decided to move their roots from the Jersey Shore to Spartanburg’s west side. “I love it down here,” Gambino said. “I think the people are great — courteous and friendly. When you honk the horn, the other driver waves at you. Up North you’d probably get a much different hand signal.” Both of the … Read More